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Program brings hospital to your home at a fraction of the cost, The Columbus Dispatch,  8/12/2018


When a persistent cough recently took James Conrad to the emergency department at Mount Carmel East hospital, doctors discovered fluid in his lungs.


But instead of admitting him, they asked if he’d rather be treated at his Johnstown home as part of a “Hospital at Home” program piloted by the health system this spring.



Mount Carmel Home Care Helps Patient Attend Granddaughter's Wedding, 1/31/18

Community-based Palliative Care: a successful innovation pilot that's now achieving results in the ministries


Linda Rebtoy, 72, had struggled since 2015 with a reoccurrence of ovarian cancer, but wanted to attend and be fully present at her granddaughter's wedding.


As the wedding day neared, Linda's condition worsened with increased pain, nausea and weakness. But she didn't want to consider hospice until after the big day. Mount Carmel Home Care RN Karen Marcinko assured Linda her Mount Carmel care team would empower her to achieve her goal.



ELDERCARE VOICES, Whatever It Takes: Building a Healthcare System like "Cheers" (Where Everyone Knows Your Name) , Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation, Health Innovation Highlights, 11/12/17


Fragmented care delivered by fragmented providers with fragmented documentation during fragmented hours in fragmented settings through fragmented funding has not provided person-centered care. “Whatever It Takes” is an attempt we are undertaking in Michigan to change that narrative in an incremental way for that person or family member who is concerned that they are experiencing an emergency.


Small household fixes make a big difference to seniors and the disabled , Catholic Health World 11/1/17


Little things mean the world to Annie Brown. The 70-year-old lives alone in Muskegon, Mich., and is proud of her independence. She soldiered on even as arthritis pain made reaching for a jar on the top shelf of her pantry or climbing into her bathtub cause for trepidation.


"When you get elderly, you think people have forgotten about you," she says.


But the team from the CAPABLE program, administered through Mercy Health's Muskegon Health Project, and sponsored as a Trinity Health Innovation Pilot, listened to her. Because of the program, Brown has a new shower curtain, bench, grab bar, and peace of mind come shower time.


Trinity Health of New England aids in design of user friendly primary care office , Catholic Health World 9/1/17


The Connecticut Institute for Primary Care Innovation hopes to change that dynamic. A collaborative enterprise between Trinity Health of New England's Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Hartford, Conn., and the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, it has been studying new practice designs and technology with the potential to improve experiences in the primary care office of the future.


Trinity Health is recognized as a national innovator by The Center to Advance Palliative Care , 8/22/17


Trinity Health is mentioned on the latest national brief, Serious Illness Strategies for Driving Better Value and Quality of Life for High-Risk Populations, from The Center To Advance Palliative Care (CAPC), the nation’s leading resource for palliative care development and growth.


Palm reader reveals (who's) present, not the future, at Mercy Medical Center , Catholic Health World 8/15/17


At Mercy Medical Center in Sioux City, Iowa, the palm reader is always right. No need for confirmation with tarot cards or crystal ball.

The procedure is a simple scan of a patient's palm, which has a unique pattern of veins. The infrared scan reader, a device about the size of a coffee cup, links the palm print to the hospital's files for an exact match in patient records.


Trinity Health to Test Glass Enterprise Edition's Potential for Advancing Supported, Tablet-Free Virtual Care , 7/18/17


Trinity Health will soon be testing the capabilities of an initiative that combines home visits by secondary caregivers with the innovative internet capabilities of Glass Enterprise Edition (Glass), and the advanced video technologies of swyMed, a provider of video telemedicine technologies.


Trinity to expand advanced home health telemedicine system, Crains Detroit Business, 4/16/17


A Trinity Health program aimed at helping patients get care remotely is growing beyond its Michigan test bed into six other states, part of a growing move toward telemedicine by an industry looking to save money and improve care.


Innovation Grant Funds New Remote Monitoring Model of Care for Patients with Chronic Illness, 4/5/17


For patients struggling with one or more chronic illnesses, intense monitoring and follow-up is necessary to help better manage their self-care and avoid preventable emergency room visits and readmissions. Emerging new models of care that introduce telemonitoring technologies can help patients stay connected with their care teams and be more successful in managing their health while reducing costs.


Trinity Health to Provide Home Care Patients with Continual, Virtual Care, pweb, 2/2/17


Remote care management technology from Vivify Health in Trinity Health At Home agencies will help keep patients out of the hospital.


Disruptive healthcare companies to watch in 2017, Beckers Hospital Review, 1/31/17


Healthcare is ripe with opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs. Mobile health, sophisticated consumer expectations, data transparency and preference for on-demand services at a flat fee have ushered in a class of companies that resist the status quo.


Here are 11 companies disrupting healthcare today. They're worth keeping an eye on


Innovation Grant Funds New Model of Care for Patients with Advanced Illness 01/17/2017


For patients in a community struggling with serious illness, palliative care services offer interventions that promote dignity, safety, and choice while improving the experience for both patients, families, and their caregivers. Yet palliative care services are often underutilized and qualified patients miss out on resources that could improve their comfort and quality of life.


Jvion Named Awardee in Trinity Health Innovation Challenge, pweb, 12/13/16


Trinity Health, one of the nation's largest health systems, selected clinical cognitive science leader Jvion as a grant awardee in its inaugural Innovation Challenge. With the award, Jvion will apply the industry’s first and only Cognitive Clinical Science machine to improve care and reduce readmissions for patients who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid.


Managing Complex-Needs Patients: Innovation Grant Spurs Complex Care Model, 10/6/16


A small but significant number of patients devour the vast majority of health care resources. For the U.S. health care system to succeed in its transformation, the aggressive management of these "complex needs" patients is essential.


Video: Partnering With the Local Fire Department to Reduce Readmissions, Enhance Patient Safety, H&HN magazine, 8/4/2016


Leaders at St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital in Pontiac, Mich., tapped the community for help with identifying populations with chronic conditions. Clinical Informatics Director Dave Bobryk spoke with H&HN about the process.



Integrated technology improves patient, staff satisfaction at St. Joseph Mercy Oakland, Catholic Health World, 07/1/2016


Dr. Fabian Fregoli recalls a patient who took off her oxygen mask to get out of bed to go to the restroom. As her oxygen level dropped, St. Joseph Mercy Oakland's innovative monitoring and communications system alerted her nurse, who rushed to the room and returned the patient safely to her bed and oxygen.