Updated September 3, 2019

Trinity Health Innovation Program and Services

  • Vice President, Innovation Program and Services - Anna Marie Butrie
  • Innovation Consultant - James C. Purvis


Digital Health/IT Innovation

  • Director - Jeff Poiner
  • Digital Solutions Manager - Mike Debets
  • Busniess Intelligence Analyst - Paul Ranke
  • Busniess Intelligence Analyst - Naomi Hernandez



Updated November 19, 2016

The Program' goals are addressed by several multi-disciplinary groups.  The Innovation Council is composed of senior system executives who sponsor the Innovation Program and create a culture that inspires and supports innovation.  The Innovation Workgroup, composed of technical experts, provided "hands on" support as the infrastructure for innovation was created for the health system.  Once the program was established, a new Regional Health Ministries (RHM) Innovation Champion group was chartered to support and nurture innovation across the ministries.  A group called Pilot Leads and Liaisons who direct pilots funded through Innovation Grant awards, meets regularly to exchange learnings that enable the system to evaluate and spread the breakthrough innovations that they have pioneered.  The program also works regularly with IT leaders on innovative solutions, as well as with ad hoc committees of subject matter experts who advise the program on clinical and technical issues as needed.


Trinity Health Innovation Program Org Chart

Innovation Council

Updated July 1, 2019

Meeting Frequency
Every other month

The Council members focus on developing a business culture that inspires innovation and the risk-taking needed to implement new ideas.  The Council will guide the Innovation Workgroup and approve the recommendations made by Workgroup concerning pilots and the spread of innovation throughout the Trinity Health system.  In addition, the Council will address resources needed for innovation and eliminate innovation road blocks. Lastly the Council will aggregate all grant funding activities across the ministries (Innovation Awards, Call to Care Awards & Risk Management Awards) to assure projects are appropriately aligned with the multiple grant programs.  Membership of the council includes representation (either from the system office or the ministries) from the following functional areas:

  • Architecture & IT Innovation
  • CEO
  • COO
  • Clinical Quality & Patient Safety, Professional Services
  • Continuing Care 
  • Community Benefit Ministry
  • Finance
  • Health Informatics
  • Hospital Networks- East
  • Hospital Networks - West/Midwest
  • Loyola University Health System (LUHS)
  • Mercy Hospital, Muskegeon
  • Mission Integration
  • Strategic Innovation
  • Strategic Planning and Support
  • St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Trinity Information Systems
  • Treasury
  • Unified Clinical Organization(UCO)

RHM Innovation Champions

Updated November 19, 2016

Meeting Frequency

The Innovation Champions are individuals who act as a point of contact onsite at RHMs to point innovators toward available resources to support innovative activities.  Appointed by the RHM CEOs, these individuals encourage the growth of an innovation culture by scanning the RHM to identify innovative activities at the local level and by coordinating innovation grant applications.  They help innovators get access to intellectual property policies, grant applications, innovation pilot reporting forms and other related materials.  The Champions also serve a key role as RHM-based advisors and a sounding board for system's innovation program, providing valuable insights from the RHM perspective.