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Updated Feb 1, 2016

Policy (Legal Department Policy No.5 - Intellectual Property)

The purpose of this Policy is to protect its Intellectual Property Rights while also respecting the Intellectual Property Rights of others.

It is the policy of Trinity Health that:

  • unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, all Intellectual Property arising from or relating to the business of Trinity Health or any Ministry or Subsidiary, which is conceived, designed, developed, reduced to practice, or authored while under contract with or in the employ of Trinity Health or any Ministry or Subsidiary shall be owned by Trinity Health;
  • reasonable measures will be taken to protect its Intellectual Property Rights and to respect the Intellectual Property Rights of others; and
  • a culture of innovation will be fostered to help anticipate and meet the future healthcare and wellness needs of the communities that it serves.



Intellectual Property means any Invention, Patent, Work, Copyright, Trademark, Trade Secret, and any other Invention or Work which is or may become protectable by law, either in the U.S. or any other country.

Invention means any patentable invention as defined by patent law, or any other idea or its embodiment that is potentially patentable or, even if not patentable, that may have commercial value.  Examples of Inventions include but are not limited to new or improved machines, articles of manufacture, processes, or compositions of matter.  Inventions that are deemed useful, novel, and non-obvious may be protected under the patent laws of the United States or other countries.  Many Inventions, including but not limited to biological materials and software, may be protectable under other legal doctrines even if they are not patentable.

Work or Works means any form of expression that is fixed in a tangible medium, now known or later developed, that is potentially copyrightable or, even if not copyrightable, that may have commercial value.  Examples of Works include, but are not limited to, journal articles and other scholarly or scientific papers, books, photographs, videos, drawings and diagrams, and software.  For clarity with respect to this Policy, Work or Works also include derivative works.

Resonsible department

Further guidance concerning Intellectual Property may be obtained from the Legal Department.


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